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Color Wristbands

Our wristbands come in various colors. Colored wristbands are used for various purposes. The different colors of wristbands are used for different purposes, like the yellow wristband denotes cancer awareness, black denotes sleep disorders and mourning, Blue wristbands symbolize prevention of child abuse, colon cancer, prostate cancer, animal rights, Tsunami victims and Red wristbands are used to support cancer, diabetes, aids and heart disease.

White Wristbands

White wristband is a common symbol of the global fight to end poverty. White wristbands represent global fight to end poverty

Black Wristbands

Black wristbands are used for accident purpose. They denote sleep disorders and mourning. Black wristbands denote sleep disorders and mourning

Red Wristbands

Red wristbands are used for various causes to support people who are suffering from AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Red wristband represents Courage, Hope and Strength

Blue Wristbands

Blue wristbands symbolize prevention of Colon cancer, Prostate cancer, Animal rights abuse, Child abuse. Blue wristband represents spirituality, grace and truth

Color Wristbands- Customization Options

We can incise any badge, clipart or manuscript of any length around your wristbands. We offer various colors that you can choose for your wristbands. However, if you need to match an exact color or would prefer another color than we can customize wristbands for you as well.

With our unique procedure we can incise any badge, clipart or manuscript of any length around your rubber bracelets. We endeavor to propose and convey the utmost quality custom silicone wristbands money can procure. We strive to offer the most competitive prices in the industry with the best quality. Our highly trained professionals are ready to assist you with your design and purchase. For any queries or questions you can call us at 020-3608-9949 or email at sales@promonow.co.uk

"I was very impressed with your products. I would like to order another 200 wristbands. Can I have 100 in green with yellow print and 100 red with yellow print? Yes, I will recommend your business. Thank you."

Irene B

"The upload was easy, hopefully you can get our patch on these bracelets, the students will go crazy! They look great, thank you! The shipping was so fast, unbelievable. ordered printed and received within a week."

Marc D